About Us

Vape 935 is all about the best quality of products to supply to our customers!

Here at Vape 935 we believe that our customers deserve to only be sold products which we our selfs would be passionate to use, All products and brands that we sell have been personally tested and recommend by ourselfs. As a company and an online store if we wouldn't buy it then why would we sell it! Thats one of our mottos if we love it we are sure our customers will love it too!

We try to sell the best UK ejuice on the market, the e juice that you don't find it every day shops! Thru our site and network we look to push the products that you cant find on the highstreet! We deal mainly with UK suppliers and producers to not only get there fantasic products out there but also to make them easily and ready avaliable for you, our amazing customer base. As part of our site we take feedback and reviews on the products we sell, not only does it help other customers decided on a product but it also helps us see what you guys think of them.


VALUE - We give our customers the best value of products and services, we also value our customers and their business with us and the try to provided the best quality of service possible.

ATTENTION - Our attension to detail is a must, we make sure we pick the right products and services to sell to our customers, we also make sure we are two steps ahead of the market making sure our attention is on whats new and coming out so we can try and be the first to deliver

PERSONAL - We offer a real one to one service with our customers putting there needs and requirements first, We believe in first class personal service which helps to make our customers and clients feel apart of the Vape 935 brand.

EXPERTISE - We have a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the electronic cigarette and e juice market. We use this expertise to deliver the best products to our customers and clients.

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